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Quoin (Agonari) is a material that can be used as building stone and can be placed for coating and for building walls. Its use is commonly encountered in arches and built stairs in conjunction with different cuts of Karystos stone. The choice of using this specific stone gives a special feeling in building fireplaces and interior wall cladding.

Frequently applied in: stairs, floors, walls, sills, doors, bollards, arches, fireplaces, outdoor chimney

Stone coloring: gray, red – brown, green, mixed color

Thickness: 8 – 12 cm

Width: 8 – 10 cm

Length: 15 – 40 cm




This category includes the natural stones which have maintained their original irregular shape. For this reason, their dimensions cannot be defined from the outset, but vary depending on the type of stone and the use they are going to have.

Frequently applied in: gardens, walkways, paving in yards, sidewalks, squares, etc., also for wall coverings, tile paths, stone houses and stone structures in general.

Stone coloring: red – brown, gray, green, mixed color

Thickness: 1 – 2 cm, 2 - 3 cm, 5 – 6 cm




For special structures large pieces of Karystos stones are provided, in irregular shapes. These products are preferred mostly for bulky constructions and their thickness varies depending on the color and the shape of the stone.




Large-surface Karystos stones are cut into rectangles, in various standard sizes or according to customer's desire, in order to satisfy every technical requirement.

More commonly applied to: investments in runways, sidewalks, squares, hotels, etc. also for wall coverings, tile paths, stone houses and stone structures in general.

Stone coloring: gray, red – brown, green, mixed color

Thickness: 1 – 2 cm, 1,5 – 2,5 cm, 4 – 6 cm

Stable width x Free Length:

No 7, 10, 15, 15, 20, 25, 30 (1 – 2 cm)

No 40 (1,5 – 2,5 cm)

No 20, 25, 30 (4 – 6 cm)




It is an oblong product with free length and small width and thickness. For cutting such shapes there are used large dimensions’ rocks. The strips left during the cutting give socoro, another type of Karystos stone cutting with diverse applications.

Stone coloring: gray, brown, green

Thickness: 1 cm

Width: 7 cm

Length: 30 – 100 cm




This material is generated by the processing of large-dimension rocks. Its cut is a result of the strips that remain after processing large Karystos stones. It is variously used for internal or external investments providing a feeling that large-dimension stones have been placed.

Frequently applied in: stairs, floors, walls, sills, doors, bollards, arches, fireplaces, etc.

Stone coloring: gray, red – brown, mixed color

Thickness: 4 – 8 cm

Width: 5 – 10 cm

Length: 25 – 50 cm