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Our company has been active since 1980 as a family business, with the object of extracting, processing and trading of Karystos Stones. The purpose of the foundation was the mining of Karystos Stone from the quarry of Ag. Dimitrios - Melissona and with the unique for the region color, red - brown.

From the beginning, our policy has been to offer our customers an excellent service and a unique presentation of Karystos Stones and their applications.


Our quarries are capable of meeting your business needs, in any quantity you need. Our products are available in all natural colors (green, gray, brown - red) and in any dimension you wish.



  • Applies modern mining methods.
  • Ensuring the respect required to the environment.
  • Has a modern equipment specialized entirely to the processing of natural stone.
  • Trades Karystos stones both in Greece and abroad and has longstanding and strong partnerships with well-known companies.


We guarantee excellent quality of our materials and techniques for constructions that will last for a lifetime.

Contact us for further information and advice.